Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a cell phone. we can help you connect with your customers via SMS

Mobile Marketing

Quảng cáo tin nhắn điện thoại là kênh Direct Marketing hiệu quả nhất hiện nay

The advantage of Mobile Marketing

  • Almost 99% mobile users will read the message
  • 91% mobile users will not delete SMS before reading and 71% users will save SMS
  • Customers are tend to choose products advertised
  • 80% mobile users bring their mobile with them
  • 65% Vietnamese mobile users use SMS
  • SMS is in form of private message
  • Mobile marketing save money and bring more effectiveness than other kinds of marketing
  • SMS can be sent from hundreds to thousands users at the same time
  • Assess the level of customer feedback to the promoted information
  • 2-ways interaction, users can agree or refuse receiving next SMS
  • Customer’s response rate is very high and 69% customers will remember message

The basic applications

  • Promotion information
  • Events activities
  • Product introduction
  • Remind brand name
  • Survey
  • Warning
  • Customer Care
  • Orders
  • Reservations

SMS Brand Name

SMS brand-name is a form of communication through messages, through which the corporate brand or product names located in the sender (Sender) of the message, instead of the unfriendly numbers such as 091xxx, 090xxx, 012xx. …. SMS brand-name does not violate policy and because of SPAM using brand-name is really necessary.


Our mobile database

We are proud of possessing valid mobile databases, it is grouped by VIP, High Income, Low Income.

How much does it cost for Mobile Marketing?

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